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Philadelphia Disability Lawyers Advise on Appeal Process -

It has been reported that approximately 65% of initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied.  Fortunately, persons seeking benefits can appeal their denials; however, the appeal process can be complicated and confusing. An experienced Disability lawyer at your side can guide you through the process, ensuring that you follow each step completely and […]

Blog Series – Philadelphia Disability Attorneys Discuss How to Pursue a Successful Claim: Representing Yourself May Cost in the End -

A knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney will greatly increase a disabled individual’s chances of his or her claim for benefits being approved. In some cases, a claim can be won by individuals representing themselves but the likelihood of success decreases without the assistance of a qualified attorney. A Social Security disability attorney with the experience […]

Blog Series – Philadelphia Disability Attorneys Advise on Successful Claims: Consistent Statements Support Credibility -

In the course of a Social Security Disability claim, inconsistencies in oral, written and recorded statements will likely lead the administrative law judge to question the credibility of the person seeking disability benefits. If the applicant’s credibility is in doubt, the claim could be denied and a successful appeal becomes increasingly difficult. Awarding Social Security […]

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Attorneys: Heart Disease and Chronic Heart Failure -

When it comes to obtaining Social Security Disability benefits, individuals must have a qualifying disability, illness, or condition.  The Social Security Administration identifies several heart conditions under the cardiovascular system category that may allow those suffering from the specified diseases to qualify for benefits; however, an individual’s health condition is evaluated both in regards to the […]