Monthly Archives: January 2021

Watch Out for the Eye in the Sky: Overhead Radar and Speed-Enforcement Cameras -

Most of us have crossed the speed limit threshold at some point in our lives. Whether you are running late to work or are racing home to let out the dog, chances are you have broken a speed limit law at some point. Recently, PennDOT began to utilize speed cameras as enforcement tools to catch […]

PSA: Avoid These Dangerous Products and Medications -

At Silver & Silver, we take the safety of consumers very seriously. Unfortunately, many medications, products, and vehicles can pose hazardous to consumers’ health and safety. Our top personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, have compiled a list of dangerous products you should try to avoid using due to the possibility of injury or harm. […]

COVID-19 Impacting the Future of Social Security Benefits for Older Americans -

The impact of the pandemic has been far-reaching throughout our entire society. From mandated closures of small businesses to the increasing death, COVID-19 has caused major and profound societal disruptions. One potential effect of COVID-19 on our financial system that has gone largely unnoticed is the potential for negative impacts on future Social Security benefits. […]