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The Importance of Seeking Legal Representation for Social Security Disability Insurance Claims -

Millions of people throughout the country rely on disability benefits from the federal government to help them pay for their medical needs and other household expenses. If you are disabled and can no longer work, you might consider filing a claim with the Social Security Administration to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.  But […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Disability Benefits -

The Social Security Administration administers programs that provide benefits to disabled individuals who meet the agency’s eligibility requirements. But the qualification process is complicated, and applicants frequently make unintentional mistakes when completing the claim application. These oversights and errors often cause applicants to be denied benefits. SSA can deny a claim for many reasons, but […]

How Do Personal Injury Cases Work in the State of Pennsylvania? -

Accidents happen every day in Pennsylvania. While some of these are unavoidable, others are caused by the careless actions of others. These accidents can leave innocent victims with serious injuries and overwhelming financial hardship.  What is the Purpose of a Personal Injury Claim? Personal injury law protects individuals who have been harmed by another party’s […]