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Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Bensalem, PA -

With the latest resurgence in the popularity of cycling, the number of bicycle accidents has trended upward nationally in the past several years. The same holds true in Pennsylvania. PennDOT’s latest figures report that 810 bicycle crashes resulted in 15 heartbreaking fatalities in 2022 alone.  Have you been injured in a bicycle accident in Bensalem? […]

What Situations Qualify for a Car Accident Settlement? -

Car accidents are a fact of life. In fact, in 2022 alone, there were 115,938 reportable car accidents in Pennsylvania, not including minor fender benders that weren’t reported. The unfortunate part? These car wrecks injured 67,012 people and claimed the lives of 1,179 others.  There is no doubt that being involved in a serious car […]

How Does a Slip and Fall Settlement Work? -

The term “slip and fall” sounds trivial, and when many people think of a slip and fall lawsuit, they think it “frivolous.”  We’re here to tell you that not only can a slip-and-fall accident be serious and sometimes deadly, but slip-and-fall lawsuits demand an enormous amount of evidence and legal acumen. Frivolous? Not usually. What […]

When Should You Contact a Social Security Disability Attorney? -

Social Security disability benefits are essential for millions of Americans who can’t work because of a disability. Unfortunately, navigating the system to get this critical financial assistance can be difficult at best and nearly impossible at worst.  Navigating a Social Security Disability Claim Can Be Daunting Every year, over 2 million people apply for one […]

Car Accident Lawyers in Bensalem, PA -

Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life on our busy streets. And the more serious the accident, the more likely it will leave victims facing severe injuries, overwhelming financial challenges, and long-term disabilities. Some even leave grieving families to pick up the pieces after losing a loved one. While fender benders happen, serious accidents […]