Watch Out for the Eye in the Sky: Overhead Radar and Speed-Enforcement Cameras -

Most of us have crossed the speed limit threshold at some point in our lives. Whether you are running late to work or are racing home to let out the dog, chances are you have broken a speed limit law at some point. Recently, PennDOT began to utilize speed cameras as enforcement tools to catch […]

PSA: Avoid These Dangerous Products and Medications -

At Silver & Silver, we take the safety of consumers very seriously. Unfortunately, many medications, products, and vehicles can pose hazardous to consumers’ health and safety. Our top personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, have compiled a list of dangerous products you should try to avoid using due to the possibility of injury or harm. […]

How COVID-19 Can Impact the Future of Social Security Benefits for Older American Social Security Benefits for Older Americans -

The impact of the pandemic has been far-reaching throughout our entire society. From mandated closures of small businesses to the increasing death, COVID-19 has caused major and profound societal disruptions. One potential effect of COVID-19 on our financial system that has gone largely unnoticed is the potential for negative impacts on future Social Security benefits. […]

Common Questions Regarding Your Social Security Benefits and COVID-19 -

The ongoing pandemic has changed how many government agencies do business, and the Social Security Administration is no exception. Many claimants and Social Security recipients have questions about their benefits. During these perilous times, it is crucial that you have access to important information in a timely and appropriate manner. Silver & Silver is here […]

2020-2021 LIHEAP Applications Now Available: What You Should Know -

Winter is not too far away for those of us who live in or around the Philadelphia area. With the temperatures dropping down further each day, many low-income families are worried about how they are going to stay warm through the chilly days and nights. Thankfully, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is now […]

How the TRUST Act Impacts Social Security — A Letter from Senator Bob Casey -

Social Security has always been a hot issue in politics, but it has become increasingly more important due to the astronomical unemployment rates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As concerned citizens and highly-respected disability lawyers serving the Philadelphia area, our team reached out to Senator Bob Casey to get his thoughts on how the S. […]

Can You Apply for Social Security Benefits After Being Laid Off? -

The coronavirus crisis has caused serious hardship for millions of Americans. Many have fallen ill or lost a loved one, while others have been forced to shutter a business or have lost a job in the resulting economic downturn. Like so many of their fellow citizens, individuals working with a disability who were laid off […]

Coronavirus Employment Law: What You Should Know -

During the present COVID-19 health crisis, many employees are facing a tough balancing act between keeping their jobs and staying healthy. They’re being asked to work in conditions that may expose them to the coronavirus, but they need to work in order to pay their bills and support their families.  It’s a difficult situation, but […]