Don’t Forego Your Health! Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Telemedicine Options -

Before the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on millions of American families and the healthcare system, people could pay their primary physician a visit as often as necessary and visit the ER knowing their problem would be taken care of. The story has changed dramatically in recent months. 

Now, visiting a medical practice or a hospital is something most people try to avoid at all costs. They may be afraid of catching the virus, or they don’t want to exert more pressure on their healthcare providers, or both. 

As reasonable as their intentions may be, this is causing a lot of people to miss out on the necessary medical care and treatment. It’s a particularly dangerous situation for those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, lung disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and more, who require constant communication with their doctors to remain healthy and prevent their diseases from progressing.

Thankfully most medical practices in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities have adapted telemedicine options, so patients can get the care they need from home! We encourage everyone to speak with their healthcare providers and find out more about available telemedicine options. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, telemedicine refers to virtual clinical care. Instead of going to a medical practice, your doctor diagnoses and provides treatment over video calls, phone calls, or through the use of other modern technology. This form of medical care has been around for longer than most people realize, but it’s become extremely popular since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Besides providing people with an avenue to medical care without fear of catching the coronavirus, telemedicine offers a host of incredible benefits.


  • CONVENIENCE: For most adults, the typical trip to the doctor’s office can be seriously inconvenient. You either have to take time off of work, find a babysitter, or postpone other plans. Telemedicine offers a convenient solution because it can be done anywhere and at any time. Plus, there’s no wait time! 
  • COST SAVINGS: Telemedicine is considered an inexpensive alternative to in-person clinical visits because it saves patients money on gas, lost time, and possibly future care.
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE: Some studies suggest that telemedicine provides better access to preventive care. This improves long-term health and can help people save on hospital visit costs. 


We encourage everyone to look into telemedicine as an alternate option for healthcare, and always make your health a top priority.

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