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ERISA Claims: Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Benefits -

Know Your Rights to Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Benefits: Explained by Our Disability Lawyer at Silver & Silver  The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, more commonly known as ERISA, is one of the most complex bodies of law rivaling even the tax code.  Unfortunately, workers injured in Pennsylvania will have to navigate ERISA to recover […]

Can You Apply for Social Security Benefits After Being Laid Off? -

The coronavirus crisis has caused serious hardship for millions of Americans. Many have fallen ill or lost a loved one, while others have been forced to shutter a business or have lost a job in the resulting economic downturn. Like so many of their fellow citizens, individuals working with a disability who were laid off […]

The Real Cost of Social Security Cuts — and How Silver & Silver Can Help -

With more than 130,000 Philadelphia residents relying on Social Security benefits to either supplement their income or as their sole source of income, any changes that might put these benefits in jeopardy are cause for concern.   At Silver & Silver, our Montgomery County Social Security Disability attorneys have been keeping close watch over the headlines […]

A New Year is a Perfect Time to Register to Vote! -

There’s a feeling of optimism and hope in the air every time the calendar turns from one year to the next, and we all set goals and resolve to make positive changes in our lives. This year is particularly special for those who want to see changes in our country; 2020 is an election year! […]

4 Things You Might Not Know About Social Security Benefits -

At Silver & Silver, we take pride in serving as Social Security Disability attorneys for clients in Montgomery County and other nearby areas, to help those in need to pay their bills and support their families. While the average American probably thinks of Social Security as “money for the elderly,” there’s quite a bit more […]

How to Obtain Student Debt Forgiveness Due to Disability -

As some of Philadelphia, PA’s most accomplished Social Security lawyers, Silver & Silver understands a thing or two about getting clients what they lawfully deserve. Did you know that Americans with permanent disabilities could be eligible for total student loan forgiveness? In this article, we briefly explain the process of applying for disability-related student loan […]

Social Security: Introducing Who Decides if You Deserve Disability Benefits -

Who Runs the Social Security Disability Program (SSDP)? Social Security disability benefits are reserved for Americans who are “disabled,” as defined by the SSDP. However, you must meet the SSDP’s earnings requirements to qualify for disability benefits. Your employment history is also taken into consideration.

Changes in Social Security Rules Create Hurdles -

Mike Silver and Joseph Silver authored a recent article published on The Legal Intelligencer titled “Recent Changes in Social Security Rules Create Additional Hurdles for Disabled.”