Social Security Disability Lawyer in Norristown, PA

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Norristown, PA

For many families, Social Security benefits are the financial backbone they need to support their family’s basic needs.  This supplemental income is used to pay medical bills, grocery bills, utilities, and housing costs.  Millions of Americans rely on Social Security benefits for these needs.  These benefits cannot be more important for families who have had an unexpected hardship resulting in disability and the inability to work.  Despite the importance of this supplemental income, at Silver & Silver, our Social Security Disability lawyers in Norristown, PA knows that far too many eligible applicants are unjustly denied.

Therefore Silver & Silver has dedicated over 40 years of law practice to protecting the rights of residents in Norristown and Montgomery County, PA.  We were the first firm in our area to focus on just this type of law, ensuring that eligible residents receive the supplemental income they both deserve and need to support themselves and their families.

Our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys in Norristown have successfully helped a countless number of clients with:

  • Submitting applications and gathering the appropriate documents to ensure a full review
  • Collecting medical evidence on your behalf
  • Corresponding back-and-forth with the Social Security Administration on document requests or questions
  • Filing appeals, including submitting legal briefs in support of your position
  • Representing you at disability hearings in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), including preparing you for testimony
  • If an ALJ still denies your claim, filing an appeal with the Appeals Council, and
  • Handling any other matters related to your application.

This can be a confusing and overwhelming process, especially if you are disabled.  Do not try to do this alone.  Rely on Silver & Silver, the leading Social Security lawyers in Norristown, to help guide you through this process to recover the supplemental income that you desperately need.

Understanding SSI and SSD Benefits

Our compassionate team at Silver & Silver knows how complicated SSI and SSD can be for applicants.  It is important to understand the differences between each program to determine eligibility and benefits.

Social Security Income 

Also known as SSI, these benefits are paid to adults and individuals with disabilities who have very limited income and financial resources.  Benefits are based on a person’s financial needs.  There is no requirement to have worked in the past.

Eligibility is based on 1) having limited or no income and resources, and 2) one of the following:

  • Age (over 65)
  • Blindness (any age)
  • Disability (any age)

Social Security Disability Income

Also known as SSD or SSDI, these benefits are paid to individuals who are disabled and have a work history.  The work history must meet specific minimum requirements, but can be through another business, self-employment, or through a family member’s employment.

Eligibility is based on a credits system:

  • One credit is earned for every $1,470 in wages earned.
  • The maximum amount of credits earned in a year is four credits.
  • Total credits need is 40 credits, which is ten years of employment.
  • However, 20 credits must have been earned in the last ten years, meaning applicants must have worked five of the last ten years.

Main Differences Between SSI and SSDI

The main difference between SSI and SSD/SSDI is the work history.  Individuals with a work history have “paid” into the program by having Social Security taken out of their paychecks while employed.  Whereas SSI does not require a work history.  Generally, SSD pays higher than SSI.  However, there are situations when individuals may be entitled to both SSI and SSD.

Was Your SSI/SSD Claim Denied? Call Silver & Silver

An overwhelming number of first-time applicants are initially denied SSI/SSD, only to have their claim reversed on appeal.  There are many reasons for this, one being that most applicants try to handle their initial application alone.  This can be a huge mistake, especially if you and your family really need the supplemental income now.  Call Silver & Silver today to speak with our knowledgeable Social Security Disability lawyers in Norristown, PA to learn how we can help you.

Even if you have already been denied, we can handle your appeal to ensure you get what you deserve under the law.  Call us by dialing (610) 658-0500 or send us a message with our “contact us” box available here.