How the TRUST Act Impacts Social Security — A Letter from Senator Bob Casey -

Social Security has always been a hot issue in politics, but it has become increasingly more important due to the astronomical unemployment rates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As concerned citizens and highly-respected disability lawyers serving the Philadelphia area, our team reached out to Senator Bob Casey to get his thoughts on how the S. 2733, the Time to Rescue United States Trusts (TRUST) Act, would impact Social Security benefits. 

The TRUST Act was introduced on January 20, 2020, by Senator Mitt Romney to create bipartisan committees. Members of both the House and the Senate would work together in an effort to improve the solvency challenges faced by several critical federal government trust funds, including Social Security Disability Insurance. Any legislation born out of the TRUST Act committees would be fast-tracked to increase Social Security benefits without following regular legislative procedures. 

Many Americans have expressed their worries about how the TRUST Act could actually have the opposite effect, harming Social Security instead of saving it. Senator Casey understands the major role that Social Security plays in the lives of everyday Americans by providing a safety net to retired workers and disabled adults, as well as their spouses and dependents. His stance remains that Social Security benefits should be increased, not cut down further. 

He further explains that the 2017 tax overhaul bill passed by the Senate majority and the House includes an “entitlement reform” legislation, which can lead to drastic cuts in Social Security benefits. Senator Casey has introduced S. 345, the Surviving Widow(er) Income Fair Treatment Act to improve claims and boost benefits for widows and widowers who rely on Social Security, and S. 1422, the Strengthening the Medicare Trust Fund Act to increase Medicare funds for future generations. 

As some of the leading long-term disability and Social Security Disability lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the team at Silver & Silver encourages all of our political leaders to improve Social Security. We believe our community is entitled to these benefits, and we will always fight to make sure our clients receive the fair and just compensation they deserve. 

To learn more about Social Security Disability legislation and how it affects you and your family, or to file a claim, please don’t hesitate to contact Silver & Silver at your earliest convenience.