President Obama to Drop Social Security Cuts from Upcoming Budget -

In the upcoming year’s budget, the proposal to slow the growth rate of Social Security benefits will be removed.
“The compromise embedded in last year’s budget included policies like chained CPI – the number one policy change that Republicans had asked for in previous fiscal negotiations,” said a White House official. “However, over the course of last year, Republicans consistently showed a lack of willingness to negotiate on a deficit reduction deal, refusing to identify even one unfair tax loophole they would be willing to close, despite the President’s willingness to put tough things on the table.”
President Obama based his decision on the decreasing deficit, his focus on equality of opportunity and the basis that Republicans refused to return the favor on taxes when they had the chance. In 2014 elections, liberals are mobilizing against Social Security cuts. However, the president isn’t entirely taking the idea of Social Security cuts off of the table.
On the Republican side, Hose Speaker John Boehner’s office was critical of the White House for abandoning the cuts.
“This reaffirms what has become all too apparent: the president has no interest in doing anything, even modest, to address our looming debt crisis,” said Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Boehner.
The battle over cuts to the Social Security Disability program will most likely continue for years. That means, if you live in Philadelphia – or anywhere in the U.S. – it will most likely get harder to win benefits. And if you’re already receiving them, you won’t be able to rely on a huge raise in benefits from year-to-year.
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