Silver & Silver Co-Founder Mike Silver, Esq., Honored for His Leadership and Vision at Annual Conference -

Every day clients come to Silver & Silver seeking guidance from a leading Social Security disability attorney in the Philadelphia County region and see firsthand the passion, dedication, time, and energy that co-founder Mike Silver, Esq. and his firm put into every case.

But you might not know the true extent of Mike’s devotion to Social Security disability claimants in this vital area of U.S. law. He is considered a pioneer in his field, and earlier this month, he was recognized for his leadership at a national conference attended by more than a thousand disability attorneys.

The National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) celebrated its 40th anniversary at its annual conference, held Sept.11-14, 2019, in New Orleans. The prestigious professional organization took time at the conference to honor Mike for his role as one of the earliest Social Security disability law practitioners in the country and as a past president of NOSSCR.

Mike, who founded Silver & Silver with his wife in 1981 and spent the following decade standing up for the rights of the disabled as they fought for Social Security and workman’s compensation benefits, was elected NOSSCR’s president in 1990. He had previously served the 3,000-member organization as the Regional Representative for the Third Circuit, then both National Secretary and Treasurer.

Mike’s resume is quite impressive, but it’s what’s in his heart that makes him such a valuable member of NOSSCR and such an outstanding advocate for clients throughout the Philadelphia area. Evidence of this passion: Mike’s heartfelt speech from a past NOSSCR conference in Chicago which was the only former president’s speech chosen to be published at this year’s event in New Orleans.

The speech expressed sincere gratitude to other leading members of the organization and articulated the mission of NOSSCR — the same values and standards Mike applies to his practice on a daily basis. Here is an inspiring excerpt:

“As all of you involved in the disability field know, the fight in which we are engaged often involves a struggle for our claimants’ medical, economic and emotional survival, with their

self respect a particularly vulnerable casualty of this engagement. But regardless of how long and difficult the fight, our services are vital and our work must not be deterred.

“Most of the claimants that we represent would have a very difficult time pursuing a claim without us. They are obviously unfamiliar with the rules and regulations under which the Administration determines eligibility. Most often they have been turned down by the Administration at least once and in some instances, several times. Often they are so disillusioned that they don’t want to continue their appeal. We are the ones who encourage them, provide moral support, discover and provide the necessary medical and vocational profile and guide them through the hearing process.” 

Mike Silver, Esq. has channeled his passion for law and for people into Silver & Silver for more than 40 years, with no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for a Social Security disability attorney or need help filing a wrongful termination claim in Philadelphia County or the surrounding region, give Mike’s team at Silver & Silver a call today.