Social Security Hearings Continue to Be Held Remotely Due to COVID-19 Restrictions -

Due to COVID-19, the Social Security Administration has discontinued live appeal hearings indefinitely. At this time, Administrative Law Judges are conducting hearings exclusively by phone. 

Telephone Hearings and the Impact on Your Case

During this important time, when you are fighting for what is rightfully yours, it is vital to have the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals on your side.

Many people do not realize that when a hearing is conducted via telephone, the case is heard from the judge’s home with lawyers and their clients also on separate phones. The outcome of such proceedings weighs heavily on your ability to be genuinely heard. No matter the circumstances, Silver & Silver will make sure your case is treated with the same care and expediency as if it were heard in-person.

What to Expect with a Video Hearing

Though not yet available, Social Security has recently announced its intention to conduct remote video hearings in the near future. 

Although more personal than a hearing via telephone, video conferencing poses its own unique set of challenges for claimants. Silver & Silver has the legal expertise to help you clearly make your claim, whether in-person or via video conferencing. Our lawyers will ensure you receive the best legal representation regardless of your hearing’s setting.

Be Prepared with Silver & Silver at Your Side

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way the world operates. Don’t be left unprepared in this challenging new environment! Our legal team is here to help you find your way through the system’s uncertainties. 

For over four decades, Silver & Silver has led the way in obtaining Social Security benefits for our clients in Philadelphia and the greater Delaware Valley area. We pride ourselves on providing you with the legal experience to secure your rightful benefits during these challenging times. 

Contact us for all your legal needs! As premier Social Security Disability lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, Silver & Silver has built a reputation of reliable results based on the successful representation of our clients. Why wait to be heard? Contact Silver & Silver today.