Blog Series – Philadelphia Disability Attorneys Advise on Successful Claims: Consistent Statements Support Credibility -

In the course of a Social Security Disability claim, inconsistencies in oral, written and recorded statements will likely lead the administrative law judge to question the credibility of the person seeking disability benefits. If the applicant’s credibility is in doubt, the claim could be denied and a successful appeal becomes increasingly difficult. Awarding Social Security Disability benefits to a claimant largely depends on the administrative law judge trusting and believing that the disabled person’s difficulties and limitations are as debilitating as he or she has stated in their application and supporting statements.

The level of an applicant’s credibility is partially built on his or her history. The judge considers the person’s age, education, employment history, family history, medical history and any criminal history. In addition to an individual’s personal history, the judge will evaluate and review all of the recorded statements relative to the claimant’s application. Inconsistencies across statements from the doctors, employers, friends, family and Social Security personnel can result in denial of the claim. For a disabled person with medical limitations, credibility is the key to an individual’s Social Security disability benefit application being approved.

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyers Help Clients Build a Strong Case

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers at Silver & Silver are dedicated to guiding clients so they don’t make mistakes when filing their claim. Our team of Disability lawyers has the knowledge to walk you through the step-by-step claims process by using the experience we have in securing benefits for disabled individuals. In our next installment of this blog series on how to have a successful claim, we will discuss how representing yourself in a Social Security Disability claim can put you at a disadvantage.

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