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Winter Stairway Slip and Falls in Ardmore, PA -

Hurt in a Slip and Fall on a Stairway in the Winter?  Our Slip and Fall Lawyers in Ardmore, PA Can Help One of the most dangerous places to slip and fall is on a stairway.  This is why Pennsylvania has extensive building codes and maintenance codes relating to stairs and stairways.  But the cold […]

Ridesharing Accidents in Pennsylvania: Special Rules You Need to Know -

Special Rules in Ridesharing Accidents Explained by Our Auto Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA Move over taxis, ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and many others have taken over as being more convenient, readily accessible, and cheaper.  Roughly 36% of Americans have summoned rides through a ridesharing app, with that normal only steadily increasing over the […]

Drunk Driving Accidents: Dangers and Liability in Pennsylvania Explained -

Understanding Your Rights After Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Ardmore, PA Drunk driving is one of the most avoidable and preventable causes of personal injuries. However, despite being universally condemned, drunk driving is still a major threat on our roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every 50 minutes a person is wrongfully […]

Slip and Fall on Tracked in Snow: Do I Have a Claim in Philadelphia? -

Understanding Your Rights After a Fall Due to Tracked in Snow From Our Slip and Fall Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA It is no secret that the weather in Pennsylvania can be treacherous.  Snow and ice storms can create a nightmare for motorists and pedestrians outside.  But they can also cause dangerous conditions inside too.  Tracked […]

COVID Interim Vaccination Plan V. 5 for Unpaid Caregivers -

Understanding Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan for “Health Care Professional” and Unpaid Caregivers The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has affected nearly all professions, especially right here in Pennsylvania.  One of the largest professions that has been impacted are care providers.  While many people consider care providers to mean just health care professionals like doctors […]

Coronavirus Employment Law: What You Should Know -

During the present COVID-19 health crisis, many employees are facing a tough balancing act between keeping their jobs and staying healthy. They’re being asked to work in conditions that may expose them to the coronavirus, but they need to work in order to pay their bills and support their families.  It’s a difficult situation, but […]

How Has the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacted Social Security? -

People all over the globe are feeling especially uneasy and stressed these days, as the coronavirus outbreak impacts every aspect of our daily lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some new challenges for the millions of Americans who rely on Social Security benefits to support their families, and here at Silver & Silver, our Philadelphia-based […]

A New Year is a Perfect Time to Register to Vote! -

There’s a feeling of optimism and hope in the air every time the calendar turns from one year to the next, and we all set goals and resolve to make positive changes in our lives. This year is particularly special for those who want to see changes in our country; 2020 is an election year! […]