Blog Series – Philadelphia Disability Attorneys Discuss Ensuring a Successful Social Security Claim: Bring a Witness to your Hearing -

When your Social Security Disability benefits claim goes before a judge for review, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you receive Disability benefits is bring along a witness who has known you for an extended period of time and who has witnessed your daily struggles with your disability. A friend or relative who has spent time with you can provide important information on your behalf. They can confirm everything you have experienced during your disabling illness or injury.

At a Social Security Disability claims hearing, a collaborating witness can verify that they have observed and/or helped you manage the restrictions of your the disabilities. They can give the Social Security Disability claims judge an accurate account of the kinds of episodes you have experienced whether they are depression, panic, seizure activity, dizziness, migraines or other physical effects you are experiencing. They can attest to how often you are having episodes and explain the difficulties that are caused by your pain or condition. If you have trouble or cannot communicate what your disabilities are and the problems the disabilities present in your daily life, having a witness with you who can clearly communicate your limitations to the judge will confirm your need for Disability benefits.

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyers Safeguard our Clients from Making Mistakes

Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers at Silver & Silver are committed to protecting you from making mistakes when you file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. Our team of Disability lawyers will lead you through the claims process by sharing the experience we have gained throughout years of securing benefits for disabled individuals. We will protect you from the unexpected pitfalls that can result in denial of a Disability benefits claim. Look for the next installment of our blog about ensuring a successful Social Security claim – avoiding inconsistent statements that put your credibility in doubt causing your claim to be denied.

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