Blog Series – Philadelphia Social Security Disability Attorneys Discuss Avoiding Unsuccessful Social Security Disability Claims: Don’t Set up a Bad Medical Record -

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney, Mike Silver, Esquire, of Silver & Silver has over 30 years experience helping disabled individuals obtain the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Although the Social Security Disability process can be complex and intimidating to an injured individual, Mike Silver and his team of disability lawyers have a proven track record of securing maximum benefits for his clients. The disability attorneys at Silver & Silver guide their clients through the application and hearing process, assisting them to avoid mistakes from the onset that could delay or prevent entitled claimants from receiving benefits. This Blog Series will discuss the most common mishaps, starting with failing to establish a good medical record.

Setting up a Bad Medical Record will Impact Your Social Security Disability Claim

Seek Medical Treatment

Successful Social Security Disability claims depend on firm, supporting medical evidence that will legally prove an individual is disabled. It is important to seek medical treatment and consult a doctor as soon as the illness or injury impedes you from working. Individuals who do not have medical insurance should immediately apply for Medicaid, the federal health program for individuals and families with low income and resources.  Medicaid will cover the cost of your medical treatment. If your illness or injury is severe enough to require emergency treatment, public hospitals will treat you without insurance coverage.

Follow Prescribed Medical Treatment

Social Security Disability claims are reviewed by the division of Disability Determination Services (DDS). The DDS will determine if the applicant is disabled based on several factors. A successful disability claim largely depends on you having documentation that shows that you followed the prescribed treatment by your physician. If you disagree with the prescribed treatment, you should seek a second opinion. If for some reason you still do not agree with the course of treatment, it is most important to have documentation that you made an effort to resolve your concerns.

Provide a Detailed Accounting of Pain and Limitations

The physician’s documentation should also include a detailed explanation of your limitations and pain. Recording where, when, and how much the pain or condition limits your daily activities will work toward securing maximum disability benefits. The doctor’s report should include time limits, side effects of medication, dizziness or fatigue, and required assistance with personal hygiene and daily routines that have been affected by the illness or injury.

The Social Security Disability applicant can easily provide the doctor with a detailed account of their pain and limitations by keeping a daily journal. Daily recording of pain and events associated with impairments that keep an individual from working, including episodes of seizures, migraines, nausea, etc. will provide a comprehensive picture of the ongoing severity of the applicant’s condition.

Consult Specialists

The last piece to providing a solid medical record is consulting specialists. An individual who has become ill or injured to the point that their condition is keeping them from working should see doctors who focus on particular area of medicine or who specialize in particular medical problems. A specialist’s opinion carries more weight with a Social Security Disability claims judge than a primary physician’s opinion alone. A specialist will provide detailed documentation of your condition, placing you in the best possible position to secure maximized Disability benefits.

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyers at Silver & Silver Help with Claims

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorneys at Silver & Silver are dedicated to guiding disabled individuals through the numerous pitfalls associated with Social Security Disability claims. We hope you found this first installment in our series about avoiding unsuccessful claims helpful. Look for the next installment of our series which will address waiting too long to apply for benefits.

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