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Most people assume they will be physically able to work until they qualify for retirement benefits. They never consider that a disability might prevent them from earning an income. In fact, the Council for Disability Awareness reports that 60 percent of people think they only have a 2 percent chance of becoming disabled. These people are frighteningly uninformed.

The Social Security Administration reports that three out of every 10 workers, or 30 percent, will become disabled before they reach retirement age and qualify for Social Security age-based retirement benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, almost  9.4 million people in the United States were paid Disability benefits during the calendar year of 2010.  Disabled workers accounted for 87 percent of this group with the average age of the beneficiary being 53 years old.

When an individual becomes one of the unfortunate 30 percent, these frightening statistics translate into a disturbing financial reality. Most people are not prepared for a health crisis that could be so financially devastating to their lifestyle. A simple fall at home can result in a debilitating disability that prevents someone from earning the money they need to pay their monthly mortgage, rent or car payments.

In fact, over half of all personal bankruptcies and house foreclosures are caused by the inability to work due to illness or injury. Many Americans do not have disability insurance or an emergency fund to cover an extended long-term disability.  This is the time when an experienced, knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney is essential to pursuing the benefits to which you are entitled. A Philadelphia disability attorney will help you navigate the often-complicated claim process.

Preparing for a Disability

Knowing the Risks

Individuals should be aware of the risk factors that increase ones chances of becoming disabled.  Being in the know can help you in planning for your future.  The Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers at Silver & Silver encourage you to become aware of the risk factors and take the necessary precautions to decrease your likelihood of becoming disabled. Here are just a few:

  • Being overweight and smoking cigarettes, as well as suffering from the chronic conditions of diabetes and high blood pressure, can put excessive strain on your heart and increase your odds of suffering a massive heart attack or stroke which in turn would affect your ability to work.
  • Engaging in high-risk activities can put you in danger of suffering from a permanent or debilitating injury resulting in a disability.
  • Consuming too much alcohol or using recreational drugs can cause liver damage or other severe health risks.

According to the Council for Disability Awareness, some of the leading causes of disability are back injuries, arthritis, cancer, and mental disorders.

Take Precautions and Avoid Risky Behaviors

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorneys at Silver & Silver encourage you to have a financial plan in place before an unfortunate event leaves you disabled.  Create an emergency fund that you can rely on if your income stream is temporarily interrupted due to an inability to work. Purchase disability insurance through your employment or independent insurance agent. This will alleviate your reliance on government benefits to pay your bills. Most importantly, remember the risk factors of becoming disabled and maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding dangerous activities and habits.  Avoiding a disability is the best way to plan for it. Taking these steps can ease the financial, physical, and emotional impact that an unforeseen disability would have on your life.

Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits

If you become disabled, you may be eligible for Disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program.  Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is an overwhelming, complicated, and time-consuming process. It can take months or even years before someone is approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits. People can deplete their savings paying family expenses while waiting for approval.  If you live in theSoutheast Pennsylvania area, it is necessary to enlist the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney to navigate the complexities of the application process.

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