Blog Series – Philadelphia Social Security Disability Attorneys Discuss How to Have a Successful Social Security Claim: Don’t Wait too Long to Apply -

Waiting longer than necessary to apply for Social Security Disability benefits could result in you losing valuable benefits to which you are entitled. Because Disability benefits are retroactively recoverable for only a 12-month period prior to submitting an application, delays in submitting an application could risk losing additional benefits with each month that passes. Therefore, you should file for Disability benefits immediately if you think you will be unable to work for 12 months or more. Thousands of dollars per month in back-due Social Security Disability benefits could be at risk.

A delay in filing a Disability claim can also affect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Individuals eligible for Supplemental Security Income can collect benefits beginning when the application was submitted or the month after. For that reason, if you delay your disability application, you are losing SSI benefits as well.

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyers Protect Disabled Persons from Claim Pitfalls

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers at Silver & Silver are devoted to providing our clients with prompt attention and timely responses. We have the experience to ensure that our clients will meet the strict time limitations, deadlines and eligibility requirements needed to have their Disability benefits claim approved, so they can receive the benefits they deserve. Avoiding pitfalls, such as a delay in submitting a disability benefits application, is imperative to a successful Disability claim.  Be sure to check out the next installment of our series about ensuring a successful Social Security claim – Don’t delay or fail to appeal a denial of benefits.

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